Believe In The Cure Cycling Tour

Believe In The Cure Cycling Tour

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 18- Lost in the Capital.

Streets leading in every direction, navigating somehow got placed in my hands. "John, which way ?" "Which way are we going, John ?" These questions thrown at me when I was just as lost as everyone else. "Straight." This was the only response that made sense to me. We saw the Washington Monument, the Washington Harbor, the Pentagon, the Department of the Treasury, (My grandmother joked about asking them to print us off some money. I don't think it works that way though.) and much more. Sadly, though, this was all from the car. I think we were just overwhelmed with the history of the city. We couldn't decide where to go or what to do, and when we did, we would get lost. D.C. definitely won the battle today, but I have a feeling this won't be my last run in with the city. I will be back.

I have noticed that I have been eating a lot lately. I mean obviously I need more calories than I would need normally, but there is no way I am going to be able to eat this well when I get back home. It'll be back to PB&J and grandma's dinner special then. That's nothing to complain about though. I don't think Jamaal's diet has really changed much on this trip though. He's always managed to find something to his liking at any restaurant we've visited.

Tomorrow we ride to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have been told that we are guaranteed to see Amish people tomorrow so that should be interesting. I find their culture to be very interesting and I believe this will be a great experience for both me and Jamaal. If nothing else, it'll be something new to experience. Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful day wherever you happened to spend it. Take care, and tune back in tomorrow. We will have a big post tomorrow.

John and Jamaal.


Ashton. =) said...

I cant believe yall are already to Pennsylvania!!! Im seriously so proud of you guys.

cyregray said...

Yeah DCs a bit insane. Took three years of living there to finally get a handle on navigation.

Oh, it's also infamous for bike theft, even if you lock it up, it best be a super-thick chain, with a super-thick lock anything less will get clipped and ganked.

Lancaster is well... kinda dull, pretty though it's not like y'all are spending a weekend and looking for hoppin party's anyway.

Safe Travels,

Bahrtender said...

Well boys...YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW PROUD I AM RIGHT NOW!!!! You two are unstoppable, no matter what challenges you faces you pedeled on. I LOVE YOU JOHN AND JAYMALL!!!



Bri Bri

Aunt Nancy said...

Hey Guys, You are doing GREAT!!! I can't believe how far you have come. You two are really to be admored for what you have done to bring awaremess to many. Andrew will be flying to Philly in about 6 hours. He will be there to see you guys finish. Wish I could be there, but will be praying for you. Lots of love,
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

Keep it up, almost there...
Eat a cheese steak for me while in Philly.

monster Graphics

Anonymous said...

wow...almost done....i probably could have made it that far too.... i just didnt want to slow yall down thats why i stopped at six miles! haha jk....well i guess its starting to feel like home, everybodys flying up there to see your journey come to end in philly! thats so exciting, i hope yall have lots of fun and good luck!!! cant wait till yall are back in pcola!!! props to the both of yall!!! (happy early birthday john) love yall Rachel, Jamie, and Jordan